Craft To Do: Super Bowl Scrapbook

I spend a lot of time at work and, as with most enjoyable things in life, there just isn’t enough time for me to do all the craft’s that I want to do. So, I have a craft to do list. The things at the top of my list include a sweater for my mom, a scrapbook for Chris, and a shadow box for me. One of the great things about a craft to do list is that you know what projects you’ll be starting in the near(ish) future and you can pick up your materials at leisure. Material shopping at leisure let’s you take advantage of a good sale and I love a good sale!

Today, I picked up some 12×12 open stock paper for the scrapbook I plan to make Chris. It was on sale at Michaels 7 for $1. Now that I have the paper I’m super fired up about it.

Speaking of super…I’m making Chris a scrapbook to chronicle the NY Giant’s 2011-2012 season and their Super Bowl XLVI win. Chris is a huge Giants fan and this season was particularly special for him because it was the first year he had full season press credentials to the Giants. As I mention in my about page, Chris is a sports producer and photographer. He spent the whole season on the field capturing highlights and taking photos of the games. He even went to the super bowl.

Bradshaw Touchdown

Bradshaw leaps over Bills in Week 6

Chris at Super Bowl XLVI

Chris celebrates Giants Super Bowl XLVI

My idea is to make a page for each game, using that day’s press pass and the photos that he took to chronicle the Giant’s and his journey through the season. I got some awesome open stock paper with footballs on it and some shiny paper in the Giants colors.

I can’t wait to start this project now! I’m even more excited since I got the paper at such a great price!!

This is going to be my first scrapbook so if you have any ideas post it in the comments section or shoot me an email! And if you’re a sports fan you can check out all of Chris’ photos on his Examiner page.


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