Knit Tea Cup Cozies

I have a problem and I’m just going to admit it right here…..I love buying yarn! I love finding things that are sale or yarns that are bright and vibrant. I have so much yarn in so many different shades that my yarn box is finally starting to over flow. After finish my afghan I was tempted to go out and buy yarn for a new project. But since my crafting supplies are all over my room since they no longer fit with the yarn in the box I decided against it.

Photo 1 - 2012-06-10So, I dug up an old pattern that is great for using with scrap yarn…Knitted Cabled Cup Cozy by Natalya’s Studio. This is a really beautiful pattern for making cup cozies to keep your hands from burning when you hold your tea or coffee cup. Not only are they good for using up left over yarn but they make great gifts. I bought this pattern from Natalya’s Etsy last year and made a few of them in different colors as a Christmas present.

Orange Yarn for Tea Cup CozyThey are pretty quick to make. You can knock out one in less than a day if you have the time to sit around just knitting. As I can only get to a few rows a day this project will take me a few days. I’ve been wanting to make some for myself ever since I made them the first time. I love drinking tea while reading and now I won’t burn my hands when I carry my cup from the kitchen to the living room…my overflowing yarn box finally gave me the perfect excuse to knit these.

Click here to see the finished project.

And for no reason at all here’s a picture of my adorable dog Chase who was laying with me the other day while I read a magazine.

Photo 2 - 2012-06-10


3 thoughts on “Knit Tea Cup Cozies

  1. I think that your next project with the extra yarn should be to knit a nice fall sweater for your adorable dog! A nice bright sweater will keep her cozy when the temperature begins to drop.

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