WIP: All Work No Progress

Happy Saturday Knitters,

Last weekend I was so amped up to make some more tea cup cozies. As the post title suggests, I have made no progress since last weekend. I posted about the project, knitted 7 rows and have not been able to pick up the needles since!

Slow progress

Slow progress

I had such a busy week between work and running errands to prepare for this weekend. Lots of events happen at this time of year for me so I was all over the place buying and wrapping gifts, writing out cards and mailing them out. Today is my Nephew’s birthday, tomorrow of course is Father’s Day and Monday is Chris and my anniversary! Busy, busy week for me!


Happy Birthday AJ!

I won’t say yet what I got for Chris and my Dad because they both read this blog but since my nephew AJ is only 2 years old, and doesn’t read, I can say that I got him a lego set. I went to get it at the Lego Store in Rockefeller Center and I just had to take a picture of the amazing lego sculpture they built of the plaza and 30 Rock. If you are going to be in the area check it out…it’s amazing!

Lego Sculpture of 30 Rock

Lego Sculpture of 30 Rock

On the plus side I was able to get my hair cut. Now I’m headed for a picnic in the park and I’m taking my needles so that I can do some more knitting in public for world wide KIP day…which is tomorrow by the way. So I hope you all get out there and celebrate!


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