I’m All Backed Up

Hey Knitters,

Sorry about the two week hiatus! I’ve been really backed up with work and life and stuff.

The past two weeks have just been non stop. Of course, the news never stops and we’ve had two huge decisions come out of the Supreme Court. Then, I’ve started training to become a pundit on PolicyMic.com (check out my articles here) and writing 2 articles a week for them has eaten up all my extra time on the weekdays. I also attended a wedding last weekend in Massachusetts. Shopping and packing had me up until the wee hours of the night.

Today I have a few hours before I have to run out to a 4th of July celebration so I’m showing my neglected blog some love!

Luckily, it takes me nearly 2 hours to get to and from work via the Long Island Rail Road so I’ve been able to get some knitting done! If I didn’t have that alone time with no internet access I doubt I would have even picked up my needles. I’ve finished my orange tea cup cozy and started on a blue one.

Orange and Blue Cup Cozies

The cable on this is really beautiful. By alternating cabling in the front and in the back and on the left and right side of the piece, this cable looks almost like a braid winding it’s way around your tea cup. If you haven’t already read my original post check out more info about the pattern here.

Cup Cozy Cable

The design of this pattern is pretty great too! Natalyia used an i-cord to make the button loop so that you can fasten it to any cup. I haven’t sewed the button on yet but I have these great wood buttons I brought last year that will go nicely with the color.

Cup Cozy Icord

I’m about a quarter way finished with the blue cozy and green will be next!

Orange and Blue Cup Cozies 2

Expect some more fun posts from me this weekend–I’ll be posting like mad. I have lots of great things to show & tell including a fun cupcake recipe; a post about free patterns & half off pattern books; and some pattern book reviews!

As we say in the TV business–stay tuned!


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