Celebrate Summer Knitting with Discount Books and Free Patterns

Summer is my favorite time of the year to knit! Most people think that us knitters only practice our craft in the winter when we can huddle by the fire under that big cuddly blanket we are knitting. But the fact is there is no better time to knit than in the summer. These days I take my needles with me everywhere–I’ve knitted in the park, the harbor and even at an outdoor concert. When I have a sunny, soft patch of grass and my needles there’s no need for me to be constantly checking my emails or feeding my Facebook addiction. It really allows me to slow down, relax and enjoy my surroundings.

Knitting in Mamaroneck

So, the folks over at Open Road Integrated Media want to aid and abed us knitters in our become one with our yarn and the summer sunshine. The ebook publisher is partnering with Abrams to release 8 popular knitting books as ebooks. Now you can take these great books on the road with you on your e-reader! This is definitely going to free up some space in my beach bag.

Last Min Knited Gifts

And the best part? From July 3rd until July 10th they will be available from $4.99 and up!

Also check out the Open Road Blog–all week long they are going to be posting free patterns from two of the books plus recipes for cool sumer drinks and fun summer playlists.


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