I’m Back…Back in the New York Groove

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post. It hasn’t been for a lack of something to say or lack of a project to discuss. I let my crazy schedule get in the way. I have so much to do and not enough time to do it so I let this blog slip away. But I’ve missed blogging. So, here I am, back at the keyboard, ready to give this another try.

And I’m not the only one who is back. Today is the start of baseball season and the Yankees are back in The Bronx! I’m not the type of girl who gets excited over sports–I like them but I don’t usually follow sports with any sort of regularity…except for Yankee baseball. And I’ve waited months since the heartbreaking end to last year’s playoff run. So, to celebrate the Yankee’s triumphant return, I’ve knitted myself a hat.

Camera Roll-139

Last year, around Christmas time I bought some awesome Red Heart Team Spirit Yarn. They come in all different team colors. I ended up making some stuff for the Mets fans in my family but the yarn I bought in Yankee colors has been sitting in my yarn box ever since.

Camera Roll-475

So, I found this pattern on the Red Heart website. It is a super easy hat to make…although I recommend using a 16″ circular needle and then switching to double pointed needles half way through the decreasing section rather than what the pattern tells you to use. I found that it was too annoying to balancing 90 stitches on my double pointed needles right away. You have to be extra careful that they don’t fall off. Instead of adding braids I added a pom pom for a cute bit of detail.

It was my first time making a pom pom. I found this tutorial and it worked perfectly! It was also my first time doing a crocheted edge. I’m really proud that it turned out so well. I am good at a lot of crafts but crocheting is just not one of them. I always have a tough time keeping the yarn on the needle. Thanks to this tutorial by KNITFreedom I was able to do it. It was a bit of a struggle and it took a bit longer than it probably should have but I made it work!

Crochet Edge

Here’s the final product…unblocked but finished. Looking forward to wearing this until it gets warm and then again when the Yanks make the playoffs in October!

Yankee Hat Edit 2


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